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Volunteer!We thank you for your interest in making a donation to BAARC. Your personal or corporate donation will help provide assistance to colleagues who have experienced a financial, medical, or life crisis and have no other means of support available.


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BAARC Makes a Difference

Over the years we have had the pleasure of helping many of our industry peers through tough times, and we always love hearing how they are doing and witnessing the positive impact BAARC can make on someone’s life.

Here are a few words of gratitude from past grant recipients.

“I can’t begin to let you know how much your help and that of BAARC allowed me and my family to survive during the last 9 months. Thanks for all of your help, financially and emotionally/mentally. Please accept this gift with our utmost appreciation and gratitude for all you have done. If there is anything my family or myself can do to help you in any way please don’t hesitate to me know.”

– Name withheld for privacy

“Hello Bobbi . . . Hope all is well with you. I am very sorry for not being in touch as you deserve but as you can imagine I have completely immersed myself in my new job. I owe all of this to you. I cannot thank you enough. You and BAARC were angels to my family. health and happiness to you.”

– Name withheld for privacy

“One of my sweetest moments of the last many days was opening an envelope Ginny dropped by my house that had grocery and gas cards inside. As the cards slipped into my hand, my heart felt a little pang, ‘somebody cares about me. They don’t know me, but they cared enough to help me out.’ Thank you so much to Ginny for going out of her way to make sure the cards got safely into my hands. Thanks to my case worker, Jan, for her caring outreach. And thanks to everyone at BAARC for bothering to spend your valuable time helping others. The financial assistance is a blessing, but the feeling that people care enough to have my back, even it it’s just a little bit, is very special too.”

– Name withheld for privacy

Provide Financial Assistance

1. Donate online

2. Donate by phone: 415-392-2272

3. Donate by mail:

P.O. Box 26636
San Francisco, CA
Make checks payable to BAARC

4. Sponsor a fund-raising effort with agency staff and provide matching funds.

5. Donate to BAARC as corporate holiday gifts to clients and staff.

7. Donate to BAARC in memory of a client or staff member.

8. Commit to an agency table at our annual BAARC Bash and invite clients or offer seats to employees as an incentive.

9. Display a BAARC holiday donation box in your office.

Help Build Awareness

1. Host an on-site tour to introduce BAARC volunteers to your staff.

2. Help us introduce BAARC to your clients’ marketing team.

3. Include BAARC brochures in the orientation packets you pass out to new employees.

4. Display BAARC posters and brochures throughout your office.

5. Introduce BAARC to your HR department so we can best serve your employees.

6. Nominate an agency representative to serve on BAARC’s Board of Directors.

Contribute In-Kind Donations

1. Postage/mail support

2. Printing

3. Prizes for the BAARC Bash

4. Video production

5. Staff volunteers for marketing efforts

To contribute your time or to donate hard goods, services, or raffle prizes, please call 415-392-2272 or e-mail us at:

BAARC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the State of California. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Over 80% of our fundraising income goes directly to our grants program. The remainder is used to bring in future donations.