Mentor Programs

BAARC offers two mentor programs. One for industry professionals and another for university students.


Professional Mentor Program Details

Apply here.

For the next upcoming Mentoring Group, BAARC is seeking approximately 10-15 mentors and 10-15 mentees from media companies, digital firms, ad agencies, media agencies, marketing organizations, etc. Some of these individuals will come from industry partners like STAR, SFBig, Greater SF Ad Club – so it will be a very diverse group to make the learning experience as rewarding as possible. Each Mentoring Pair will be matched according to common objectives and interests, and there is a structured curriculum including monthly group sessions with facilitated meetings and activities.

Time commitment: You will be expected to attend one Group Session per month – these meetings are mandatory.  All sessions will be 1.5 hours and will be on Tuesdays. You will also be expected to meet weekly one-on-one with your mentor or mentee, and to complete a few required elements like a Mentoring Agreement, a Matching Application, and a post-program Survey. The time commitment required is approximately 16 weeks.

Please note that there will be a $10 cost to administer the online test Strengthfinder as part of the program.  Do not, however, allow this to deter you from participating.  If it’s an issue, we will find a solution.

Here’s what a couple of our past participants said about the program:

 “The BAARC Mentoring Program helped me not only further my career but also to expand my knowledge to other areas in the advertising industry. I now feel more integrated into the community and made some fantastic connections!” Media Manager – Mentee

“I was honored to be a part of the BAARC mentoring program. Helping my mentee and watching her achieve her goal of being an outside sales pro was inspiring and rewarding!” Digital Sales Manager – Mentor

If you are interested, the next step would be to submit an application to help pair you with a mentor or mentee.

Please contact to learn more – and join!



Young Professional Mentor Program
BAARC and AD2SF are proud to announce that we have a new mentorship program coming to the Bay Area. We will match undergrad seniors or recent graduates with young professionals that are 2-4 years in their career. The program will start this Fall and we are currently looking for mentors and mentees. The program will consist of a monthly group meeting.

Below are some requirements.

• Undergrad senior or recent graduate from SF State or UC Berkeley.
• Has had at least one internship.
• Wants to work/works in ad agencies, media agencies, digital firms, public relations, broadcasting, social media, marketing, etc.

• Young professional 2-5 years in their career.
• Works in an ad agencies, media agencies, digital firms, public relations, broadcasting, social media, marketing, etc.


Fill out the application below for the YOUNG PROFESSIONAL MENTOR PROGRAM ONLY. For the standard mentor program use this link instead.

I am interested in being a…:How did you hear about us?:
Years of Experience: By checking this box, you commit to invest your time and energy to meet with your partner (mentor or mentee) at least once a week, either in person or by phone: By checking this box, you commit to attend group sessions once a month, which are an integral element of the program:

Please indicate the areas of expertise that most closely match your experience (e.g. advertising, marketing, agency, vendor, client, digital, social, account management, creative, etc.):