Why I Volunteer with BAARC

NICOLE bwBy Nicole Moreno

For the last two years I have had the privilege to sit on the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee. As a young professional in the nonprofit sector, I have built my career on helping underserved communities.

BAARC has given me opportunity to serve another community: the marketing community of San Francisco. A community that most of my friends and I are a part of. Now, you may wonder, why does such a community need help? Well, because life throws everyone curve balls. Just because you have a lucrative and stable career today, does not mean you will have it tomorrow.

The opportunity to help the marketing community of this great city of ours and work with senior professionals has enhanced my soft skills. During my time on the Board of Directors, I have been able to manage volunteers for the annual BAARC Bash and developed a new young professional mentorship program.

Being able to provide mentors for recent graduates and college seniors has been a very rewarding experience. I am able to provide young marketing professionals relevant information on how to get their career started — but to also let them know that BAARC is here for them when they need us. At the end of the day, though, I have to stay with BAARC because everyone needs help, no matter what their background.